A 3-Day Workshop Series


Join us for a powerful three-day workshop series that will guide you through balancing the masculine and feminine energies within you, all through the powerful lens of the Heart Chakra. This enlightening experience is not only a learning opportunity but also a gateway to deeper spiritual engagement with our Soul Mission Collective 2.0 program.


Workshop Details:


Live Dates: July 1-3, 8:30pm Eastern Time 


(Replays are available!)


Day 1: The Masculine Explore the active and assertive qualities of masculine energy on the first day. Learn how to effectively channel this energy to assert leadership, execute decisions, and take purposeful action that aligns with your spiritual goals. This session will equip you with the tools to enhance the masculine aspects of your psyche, integrating strength with the gentle wisdom of the heart.


Day 2: The Feminine The second day delves into the receptive and intuitive nature of feminine energy. We will focus on cultivating this energy to enhance your emotional intelligence, creativity, and capacity for deep connections. Learn how to embrace and express your vulnerability as a powerful asset in your spiritual and earthly endeavors.


Day 3: Mind + Heart Integration On the final day, we merge the insights from the previous sessions to demonstrate how to unify these energies within the framework of your Heart Chakra. This session will provide you with practical techniques to maintain balance and harmony, fostering an inner environment where spiritual ascension is nurtured.


Each session concludes with a Q&A period, allowing you to delve deeper into the day’s content and clarify any questions directly with our experts.

Why You Should Join:


  • Spiritual Growth: Gain profound insights into balancing your energies to aid your spiritual and earthly journeys.
  • Holistic Techniques: Discover practical methods to apply these energies harmoniously in your daily life, enhancing both personal well-being and spiritual growth.
  • Community Connection: Engage with a supportive community of like-minded individuals, all dedicated to their spiritual ascent.
  • Gateway to Deeper Engagement: Participants will get an exclusive opportunity to join our comprehensive Soul Mission Collective 2.0 program, aimed at further nurturing your path to spiritual mastery.

Register Now to Reserve Your Spot Spaces are limited to ensure a personalized and impactful experience for all participants. Secure your place now and take the first step towards mastering your spiritual and earthly existence.

This 3-day workshop is designed for anyone seeking deeper self-awareness, spiritual growth, and a balanced mastery of their life’s energies. Whether you are new to the concept of energy balance or seeking to deepen your existing practices, this 3-day workshop will offer transformative insights and tools that can profoundly impact your journey. Join us, and elevate your journey towards spiritual ascension and earthly mastery.



Professor Melanie

Meet Professor Melanie, M.Ed, your guide on this transformative journey through the Ascension Formula 3-day workshop. With a lifelong passion for spirituality, Melanie has spent decades sharing her wisdom and insights, not just in formal settings but also intimately with friends and family, illuminating paths and unlocking potentials with her profound knowledge and intuitive guidance.


Holding two Bachelor’s degrees in Africana Studies & Spanish from Rutgers University, coupled with a Master’s Degree in Education specializing in Linguistics, Melanie brings a rich and nuanced perspective to the intersection of spirituality and culture. Her academic background provides a solid foundation for understanding the deep-rooted connections between language, identity, and spiritual practices, offering a unique approach to exploring your soul’s mission.


Brenden Durell

Brenden Durell is an acclaimed Intimacy Coach, visionary entrepreneur, and spiritual guide dedicated to transforming lives through profound personal growth and connection. With over a decade of experience, Brenden has pioneered a unique approach to intimacy that integrates elements of Traditional Tantra, African Spirituality, Somatic Healing, and South American Indigenous practices. His journey began in the realm of spiritual meme-making, evolving into a passionate pursuit of deeper human connection beyond the romantic, embracing life, nature, and ancestral wisdom. As the founder of Unknown Intimacy, Brenden leads transformative retreats, online courses, and one-on-one coaching sessions that empower individuals to expand their capacity for love, healing, and self-discovery.

Outside his coaching practice, Brenden is also recognized for his groundbreaking work in youth and educational leadership, advocating for holistic approaches to personal and spiritual growth. He continues to inspire and guide countless individuals worldwide on their paths to authenticity, empowerment, and profound intimacy with themselves and the world around them.


Sol Garzon

Sol Garzon is a dedicated healer and guide, helping individuals reconnect with their source, light, and unique purpose through various spiritual and ancestral practices. Sol’s healing work includes guiding ritual baths and ancestral cleansings, opening the Akashic Records, and utilizing voice activations to nurture and awaken one’s spiritual essence. She conducts her sessions both in person in Ecuador and online, infusing each encounter with joy, laughter, and love. Sol’s deep connection with traditional healing modalities and plants is rooted in her childhood, where she grew up in the countryside outside of Quito, Ecuador, learning from wise women who carried ancestral knowledge.

Sol’s journey of self-healing and awakening continued through her years living in New York City and Argentina, where she explored various cultures and their rituals, enriching her understanding and practice. After returning to Ecuador, Sol further deepened her skills under the mentorship of Taitas and wise women from the Siona and Cofan Nationalities in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Here, she experienced profound personal healing and gained insights into the power of Amazonian ritual baths and sacred plants. Her path eventually led her to the Andes and the sacred mountain Taita Apu Imbabura, where she learned to work with sacred waters and Andean medicinal baths. Sol also incorporates her lifelong passion for singing into her sessions, using medicine songs and vibrational frequencies to enhance the healing experience. Recognizing the unique gifts each person brings into this world, Sol is committed to helping others live in balance and love, serving humanity while staying true to their essence and soul.


Q: How much time will I need to commit to this workshop?

A: “The Ascension Formula” is designed to be comprehensive yet concise, requiring only a few hours of your time on each of the three days. This format ensures a deep, flexible learning experience that respects your time and commitments, allowing you to engage effectively without overwhelming your schedule.


Q: What if I can’t attend the live session?

A: We understand that scheduling conflicts can arise, which is why we provide all participants with access to recordings of each day’s session. This ensures that even if you cannot attend live, you will not miss out on the invaluable insights and techniques shared during the workshop. You can still fully benefit from the workshop content at a time that best suits your needs.


Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Given the significant value packed into the three-day “The Ascension Formula” workshop, including hours of actionable content and transformative insights, the price is set to reflect an exceptional investment in your spiritual and personal ascension. At just $44 for the entire three-days of teaching, including live sessions and lifelong access to the recordings, we are confident in the value it delivers and, as such, do not offer refunds.


Q: What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

A: We are here to assist you with any queries you might have about the workshop or any other services we offer. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team at Our dedicated team is committed to providing you with the information and support you need to make the most of your journey with us.


Professor Melanie, M.Ed

Brenden Durell

Sol Garzon