Successful Spiritual Entrepreneurship Requires Overcoming Invisible Barriers

Deciding to take on the journey to establish a business in spiritual disciplines can be as daunting as it is inspiring. Many aspiring entrepreneurs dream of transforming their spiritual passion into a thriving enterprise but find themselves held back by unseen hurdles. Whether it’s the complexities of mastering these disciplines, the timing of launching your services, or maintaining personal harmony while managing a business, the challenges are substantial.


 The lack of a community or mentorship to guide through these challenges can make the path seem solitary and overwhelming.


What would your day look like if you could ditch the guesswork in your spiritual business and instead, have a schedule packed with satisfied clients and real personal satisfaction?


It would mean that you are: 

  • Starting your day with confidence, knowing exactly when and how to offer your services for optimal impact.
  • Experiencing the peace of mind that comes with a steady and growing income from a business aligned with your spiritual values.
  • Feeling supported by a community of like-minded professionals, energized by regular collaborations and shared successes.

Spiritual Entrepreneur Summit

The Only Event of it’s Kind for Building Your Spiritual Enterprise:

Why is The Summit a Game-Changer in Spiritual Entrepreneurship?

The Spiritual Entrepreneur Summit is the first-ever event that doesn’t just talk about spirituality from a surface level—it’s a practical deep dive into how you can harness specific spiritual disciplines to directly boost your business success. Each day of the summit is dedicated to one of these transformative areas:

  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Kemetic Movement

Why focus specifically on these disciplines? 

Because each one offers unique insights and practical tools that can be directly applied to creating wealth, enhancing education, and developing robust business strategies in any spiritual enterprise.


By the end of the three days, you’ll be able to:

  • Overcome Business Uncertainty: Gain clarity and actionable insights into how spiritual timing and practices can influence and propel your business success.
  • Chart Your Path in Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Clearly understand the next steps to take, whether launching or expanding your business, using tailored strategies informed by astrology, numerology, and Kemetic movement.

Are you ready to transform your spiritual passion into a lucrative and fulfilling career? 

Join us at the Spiritual Entrepreneur Summit and start your journey towards becoming a powerhouse in the world of spiritual entrepreneurship.

DAY 1: The Numbers of Wealth (valued at $197) 

Join Professor Melanie & the highly sought after numerologist Queeny as she identifies which numbers signal prosperity and how to incorporate them into your business planning. She will give a realistic outlook on what a career in numerology looks like.


DAY 2: The Business of Balance (valued at $197)

Join Professor Melanie and the amazing Kemetic Movement leader Aissa as she shares how to use Kemetic practices to enhance your client results and satisfaction, including what building a career in this discipline looks like. 


DAY 3: Astrological Alignment (valued at $197)

Join Professor Melanie and one the greatest astrological teachers of our time, SiStar MyRah as she helps you to understand how to use astrological knowledge to attract and retain a dedicated clientele, including building a career as an astrologer.

Total Value: $600
You Pay $44



Professor Melanie 


A seasoned mentor with a lifelong dedication to integrating spiritual wisdom into all life’s facets, Professor Melanie brings a rich and diverse academic background to her teachings. Holding dual Bachelor’s degrees in Africana Studies & Spanish and a Master’s in Education specializing in Linguistics from Rutgers University, her unique perspective enriches her approach to spiritual entrepreneurship.


As a trusted guide and educator, she has illuminated the paths of countless individuals, advocating for a holistic approach to success that aligns with one’s deeper values.


SiStar MyRah 


SiStar MyRah Moss is an inspired, self-taught Energy Master. She studies Spiritual Energy. She also refers to herself as “Holistic” because she believes that the key to the Universe is the “Balance of Opposites.” Anywhere where you can balance opposites is where you complete the spiritual spiral and open a Vortex, gaining access to the energies of the Universe. She considers this energy process a Formula of Creation! She began her interest in Astrological Energies by studying all of the Astrological Signs. This is how she was able to see this Holistic concept and everything else only expanded from there in a precept upon precept reality of learning. 


She began to break in exposure by starting her presentations in Atlanta Georgia. She was then offered the opportunity of being a regular guest on a well-known radio show. She has since done presentations all over the United States. The distribution of videos from those presentations opened her up to National and International audience and clientele. She has a full source of videos on the internet as SiStar MyRah as well. She loves serving the Spiritual Family, to assist in their recognition of each of the individual roles in contribution to a magnificent Royal Universal Purpose of Fulfilling Our Collective Spiritual Destiny in the Aquarius Age of the Evolution of Righteousness. 


Sistar MyRah resides in Omaha Nebraska. She is a world-renowned Master Astrology and Energy Teacher. Her work has helped transform the lives of many melanated people across the globe. She has received millions of views via Youtube and other internet sites for her astounding transformative and amazing work. Through her humility, devotion and dedication to the Cosmic Royal Family, she has succeeded in changing the world and upping the vibration on planet Earth.




Queeny, a seasoned numerologist with deep roots in a lineage of mystics and ministers, seamlessly harnesses her potent clairvoyant abilities to initiate readings. By skillfully utilizing your name and birthdate, she crafts personalized numerological charts, deftly addressing specific queries and providing holistic destiny readings. Drawing from an early life immersed in the study of philosophy, astrology, psychic phenomena, and numerology, Queeny has cultivated a profound expertise in her field. Through the intricate lens of numerology, she skillfully illuminates the trajectory from your past to your present, guiding your future path with pinpoint accuracy.


Having made an impact across the globe by assisting diverse cultures, Queeny’s extensive 20+ years of experience instill unwavering trust, bolster confidence, and ignite empowerment in those fortunate enough to seek her guidance. Originating from Philadelphia, PA, Queeny’s journey saw her matriculate at Howard University at a mere 16 years old, delving into the realm of political science. Her passions then led her to Berkeley College, where she furthered her education in music. A transformative period subsequently beckoned her to California, where her life’s purpose and dormant spiritual gifts from childhood were rediscovered.


With dedication spanning over two decades, Queeny’s devotion to numerology has transformed from a mere curiosity into an enchanting obsession, unraveling fresh life insights daily. An early pioneer, she even navigated the realm of Psychic Networks, where she engaged with callers seeking guidance. Today, she stands as a globally recognized psychic and numerological reader, boasting over 10,000 readings conducted in just the past six years. Alongside her decade-long collaboration with an exclusive private clientele, Queeny’s wealth of experience culminates in her forthcoming book “SOULMATH 22,” an eagerly anticipated project poised for completion.



Aissa Negus is a versatile freelance writer, stylist, content creator, and Kemetic Yoga Instructor originally from Oakland, CA. With a passion for journalism and spiritual wellness, she brings a unique perspective to her work. Aissa’s journey as a writer began early, publishing her first novel at the age of 12, and she continues to produce compelling written works. Rooted in a mystical family background, African spirituality and wellness have always shaped Aissa’s life and creative endeavors. She received her hand of IFA at age 13 and has been immersed in Issese practice ever since. In 2022, Aissa founded GOOBER Zine, a fanzine that celebrates fashion and internet culture within a black, global, Gen Z context. The zine showcases her commitment to amplifying diverse voices and cultural expressions. Aissa’s path to Kemetic Yoga started in 2020, leading her to Egypt in 2023 where she earned certification in Kemetic Yoga under the guidance of renowned teacher and scholar Dr. Yirsir Ra Hotep, affiliated with Yoga Alliance. Since then, Aissa has embraced Kemetic Yoga’s philosophy and now teaches classes, sharing its transformative principles with others. She also does creative direction and social media management/content development for a spiritual lifestyle brand. Currently based in Mexico City, Aissa continues to explore and integrate her spiritual roots into her lifestyle and professional pursuits, bringing a refreshing perspective to the wellness and creative industries.


Why is the cost of the summit only $44?

We believe in making our transformative summit accessible to as many aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs as possible. By setting the registration fee at only $44, we aim to include a diverse group of participants, enhancing our community’s richness and the networking opportunities available. Despite the modest fee, we assure you that the summit maintains the highest quality in speakers, content, and value.


What is the time commitment for the summit?

The summit spans three days, with each session carefully scheduled to maximize your learning without overwhelming your daily responsibilities. Each day consists of concise, impactful sessions designed to fit into your busy schedule, ensuring that you gain maximum insights and value without a significant time burden.


Is attending this summit really necessary for my career?

While self-learning is invaluable, the structured learning, expert guidance, and networking opportunities provided at our summit are unmatched. These elements are crucial for accelerating your growth and ensuring you avoid common pitfalls in your career as a spiritual entrepreneur. Attending this summit could be the catalyst that propels your business to new heights.


How effective is this summit in helping me achieve my goals?

Our summit is designed with effectiveness in mind, featuring industry leaders and seasoned practitioners who provide practical, actionable strategies. Past participants have reported significant breakthroughs and measurable success following our programs. We focus on real-world applications of spiritual principles in business, ensuring that what you learn is not only insightful but also immediately applicable.


What if I can’t attend all the live sessions?

We understand that you may have other commitments during the summit days. To accommodate this, all registered participants will receive access to recordings of all sessions. You can review these at your convenience, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any valuable information even if you can’t attend live.


Will I be sold something else at the summit?

We will be offering an exclusive opportunity to enroll in our SEVEN Certification program for those who wish to deepen their expertise in seven spiritual disciplines. This optional certification program will be presented as an additional resource for attendees interested in furthering their spiritual education and professional development.


How do I know if this summit is right for me?

If you are passionate about integrating spirituality into a successful business model and looking to connect with like-minded professionals, this summit is for you. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your existing business, the insights and networking opportunities offered can provide significant value and impact your entrepreneurial journey positively.


What if I have a question that is not answered here?

If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed in this FAQ section, please feel free to reach out to us directly at Our dedicated team is here to assist you and provide any additional information you may need

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Professor Melanie, The Spirit Doula

SiStar MyRah Moss