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Exponential Spiritual Growth + Enhanced Business Profits = An Elevated Lifestyle

This is the type of math I can get behind..

Are you in?

Join The Soul Mission Mastermind Today And Access The Support Of My Entire Team

The path to success is riddled with hurdles. From accessing capital due to systemic bias and lack of representation in financial institutions to overcoming networking barriers and pioneering new sectors without prior knowledge, the challenges can seem daunting.


Add to this the complexity of regulatory frameworks, cultural and spiritual conflicts, and the path becomes even steeper. But remember – you’re not alone. We are climbers, ready to rise together to overcome these obstacles.

Success Is Not Achieved In Isolation.

You’re Already An Entrepreneur. But Are You A CEO?

My team and I are personally rolling up our sleeves in order to make you one.

Over the next 12 months this is how it will work:

STEP 1: Apply for the Soul Mission Mastermind and schedule your Funding Focus Consultation.

STEP 2: Once your application is approved my team and I will focus on working with you to improve the following areas in your business.

  • Money Mindset: Foster an abundance mindset and align your self-worth with your financial goals. Understand money’s effect on your nervous system and stress and develop an actionable prosperity plan.
  • Business Structure: Establish your business’ vision, mission, and core values while building operational efficiency and scalability.
  • Funding: Deepen your understanding of diverse funding strategies, craft compelling investment proposals, and manage investor relations effectively.
  • Sales: Master communication techniques to build trust, refine your value proposition, optimize sales channels, and boost transaction value and customer lifetime value.
  • Marketing: Develop marketing strategies, create compelling content, and make data-driven decisions using marketing analytics.
  • Branding: Craft a distinctive brand strategy, hone your storytelling skills, and design memorable brand experiences.
  • Operational Excellence: Optimize business processes, develop high-performing teams, enhance collaboration, and lead effectively.
  • Spiritual Growth for 7 Figures: Integrate spiritual practices with financial goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and align your business with purpose.
  • Global Expansion: Access international markets through global networking and collaboration.

STEP 3: Understand that this is not a course, it is a mastermind. You will receive private coaching, quarterly funding and financial management calls, as well as quarterly marketing and sales strategy calls. 

STEP 4: Enhance Your Journey with the Soul Mission Accelerator & The Soul Mission Collective. As you dive into our comprehensive mastermind, prime yourself for success with bonus access to the recordings from this 6-month precursor program. Tackle crucial courses in Business Strategy, Human Design, Funding, Lunar Launching, Marketing, and Sales. Benefit from exclusive bonuses like the 100K Incubator Curriculum, Offer Oasis workshop and The Soul Mission Collective

STEP 5: Unlock the Power of Community at the Soul Mission Wealth Circle. As a special bonus  you’re invited to immerse yourself in an enriching, in-person experience tailored to elevate your entrepreneurial journey at The Soul Mission Wealth Circle.  Hosted twice a year in Miami, Florida, picture an environment where money meets mindfulness, commerce aligns with chakras, and your profit goals resonate with  purpose. This is a sanctuary where you can nourish both your business and your soul, networking with fellow mastermind members who share your unique drive for financial and spiritual prosperity.  Unveil the secrets to achieving material wealth without compromising your spiritual integrity. Don’t miss this transformative opportunity to elevate your Soul Mission to unprecedented heights. (Accommodations and flights are not included.)

STEP 6: Get ready to celebrate. Join us and your fellow mastermind members at the International Graduation Retreat taking place in Jamaica, February 2025

This Is Not Your Typical Mastermind Beloved…

I am giving you access to my team because these are the EXACT individuals that have built my 7 figure business to where it is today.

I am not allowing you to suffer “death by powerpoint” with no actual strategy or support.


Not on my watch!


Can I join the program if I want help to start a business?
This program is for existing entrepreneurs only. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t work with us. You can join the Soul Mission Accelerator and receive our support there.


What is the investment?
This is going to be a 5 figure investment into your business. You will be able to discuss investment and funding options on your Funding Focus Consultation. Financing and payment plans are available. If you do the work we know with absolute certainty you will recoup your investment through the funding or sales you receive from this experience. .In fact, we believe this so much that we guarantee it and we will continue to work with you until you do.


When does the Mastermind start?
We officially begin in January 2024, however upon enrollment you will receive access to the 100K Incubator Funding Curriculum as prework. The more runway you give yourself to complete this program the better. It has over 50+ training videos and will take a few months to complete the tasks assigned. We will also have a live orientation and some other live calls before then.


Am I required to attend live events? 
Although you will be invited to SAU Weekend Getaway Events, Soul Mission Wealth Circles, and an International Graduation Retreat, you are not required to attend. Your accommodations and most of your meals will be provided by us at the Graduation Retreat. Your airfare is not included. SAU Weekend Getaway and Soul Mission Wealth Circle Events and are at your own expense.


What happens after I apply?
Once you submit your application, you will be directed to pay a non refundable $500 deposit in order to schedule your Funding Focus Consultation. For this reason a non refundable deposit is required because whether you decide to move forward with the Soul Mission Mastermind or not, you will leave that call with a clear strategy on exactly what your next steps should be in order to receive funding for your business of at least $25,000 or more.


Is there anyone I can talk to if I have a question that isn’t already answered here?
Absolutely, if you’re still left with questions that we haven’t addressed in this FAQ section, don’t worry! We’re here to ensure that you have all the information you need before joining theSoul Mission Mastermind. Simply reach out to our dedicated customer support team at They’ll be more than happy to help you with any additional information you might need. We are committed to helping you make the most informed decision for your entrepreneurial journey.


Professor Melanie, The Spirit Doula

Arielle Loren
Indira Michelle

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