Embrace Your Essence:

Unlock the Power of Your Soul Mission In Your Everyday Life.

You've started your work and are convinced that living your soul mission is essential, but every step you take feels like you're walking through a maze, uncertain and exhausted.

The reality is that living out of alignment with your soul mission often manifests in deeply felt emotional experiences that many find hard to articulate. If you’ve ever felt a nagging sense of unfulfillment, as if no matter what achievements you tick off your list, there’s still an emptiness that lingers, you’re not alone. 


It’s like having a constant companion whispering that there’s more to life, yet you can’t quite grasp what “more” means for you.


Or perhaps you’re familiar with the sensation of chronic uncertainty, where every decision feels like a guess, and you’re perpetually stuck at a crossroads, unable to decide which way leads to fulfillment. This indecisiveness isn’t just about everyday choices but extends to major life decisions, leaving you feeling lost and directionless.


Persistent exhaustion is another signpost of living a life not aligned with your soul’s purpose. This isn’t the tiredness that a good night’s sleep can cure but a deep, bone-weary fatigue that seeps into your emotional and spiritual self. It’s the exhaustion that comes from constantly striving in directions that don’t feed your soul.


The feeling of being stuck and  not progressing no matter how hard you try, it can lead to a buildup of frustration, a feeling that you’re not living up to your potential, and the nagging thought that there must be more to life than this.


Each of these emotional impacts underscores the profound need for alignment with your soul mission. They are not just signs of discontent but calls to action, urging you to seek a deeper understanding of your soul mission and how you can live it out in your everyday life.

Soul Mission Living Workshop

Embrace Your Essence and Elevate Your Everyday Life

What Can You Expect When You Align Your Life & Business To Your Soul Mission? 


  • Personal Transformation and Clarity: Imagine having crystal-clear understanding of your path, turning daily choices into purposeful steps towards fulfilling your deepest desires.
  • Enhanced Creativity and Innovation: Get ready  to unlock unprecedented levels of creativity and innovation, setting your work apart in a crowded marketplace.
  • Increased Emotional Resilience: Equip yourself with tools for emotional resilience, transforming life’s challenges into stepping stones for growth and success.
  • Improved Relationships: Attract and deepen connections that resonate with your soul’s mission, enriching your personal life and expanding your professional network.
  • Business Alignment and Growth: Align your business with your soul’s mission for authentic growth, attracting ideal customers and making a meaningful impact.
  • Work-Life Harmony: Experience the seamless integration of passion and profession, where your work is a joyful expression of your life’s mission.
  • Spiritual Growth and Expansion: Embark on a journey of profound spiritual growth, deepening your connection to the universe and expanding your consciousness.
  • Legacy Building: Craft a legacy that transcends material success, reflecting your soul’s deepest truths and inspiring change in the world.

Join Professor Melanie LIVE on Tuesday, February 27th at 8:30pm EST.


Professor Melanie

Meet Professor Melanie, your guide on this transformative journey through the Soul Mission Living Workshop. With a lifelong passion for spirituality, Melanie has spent decades sharing her wisdom and insights, not just in formal settings but also intimately with friends and family, illuminating paths and unlocking potentials with her profound knowledge and intuitive guidance.

Holding two Bachelor’s degrees in Africana Studies & Spanish from Rutgers University, coupled with a Master’s Degree in Education specializing in Linguistics, Melanie brings a rich and nuanced perspective to the intersection of spirituality and culture. Her academic background provides a solid foundation for understanding the deep-rooted connections between language, identity, and spiritual practices, offering a unique approach to exploring your soul’s mission.


Q: What if I don’t know what my soul mission is?

A: If you’re unsure about your soul mission, you’re not alone. Many of us begin our spiritual journey seeking clarity about our purpose. To support you in this discovery, we offer a Soul Mission Consultation service, designed to guide you towards understanding your unique path. Additionally, for deeper exploration, you might consider our Soul Mission 2.0 Workshop, which delves further into discovering and aligning with your soul’s mission. Both options are excellent starting points for uncovering the profound purpose of your life.


Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Given the significant value packed into this workshop, including hours of actionable content and access to exclusive resources, we believe the price reflects an exceptional investment in your personal and spiritual growth. At just $37 for the entire workshop, including a live session and lifelong access to the recording, we’re confident in the value it delivers and, as such, do not offer refunds..


Q: How much time will I need to commit to this workshop?

A: We’ve designed the workshop to be both comprehensive and concise, requiring only a few hours of your time. This ensures a deep yet flexible learning experience that respects your time and commitments.


Q: With so much free information available, why should I pay for this workshop?

A: While free resources can provide valuable information, the Soul Mission Living Workshop offers a structured, expert-led journey that’s unmatched in quality and coherence. Professor Melanie’s unique insights into the intersection of spirituality and culture, combined with practical steps tailored to your personal growth, offer a level of depth and transformation not typically found in free content.


Q: What if I can’t attend the live session?

A: We understand that scheduling conflicts can arise, which is why we provide all participants with access to a recording of the live session. This ensures that you won’t miss out on the invaluable insights and exercises shared during the workshop, allowing you to benefit from the content at a time that suits you best.


Q: How will this workshop benefit me compared to other programs?

A: The Soul Mission Living Workshop stands out through its unique blend of academic rigor, spiritual wisdom, and practical application. Unlike other programs that may focus on theory without actionable steps, our workshop is designed to equip you with the tools and understanding necessary to apply your learnings in everyday life, ensuring real, tangible changes.


Q: What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

A: We’re here to help answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at info@spiritualau.com. Whether your inquiry is about the workshop, consultations, or any other services we offer, our team is dedicated to assisting you.

Live True to Your Soul's Mission

Embrace Your Path and Transform Your Life

Step into a life of profound alignment and purpose for just $37. The Soul Mission Living Workshop offers you the keys to not just understand, but actively live in harmony with your soul’s mission each day.


This is your moment to align your actions with your deepest truths. Make the choice to live a life that resonates with your soul’s calling.


Professor Melanie, The Spirit Doula