The only 6-month accelerator of its kind. 


You learned the spiritual tools, you are getting divine downloads and you are understanding that there are practical things you need to do.


But let’s be honest there is a reason a show exists called Shark Tank when it comes to getting started in business…


Expanding into entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart, that is one of the main reasons why we did so much spiritual work together.

Imagine if each day you could…

✅ Wake up feeling inspired and energized, ready to make a meaningful impact with your spiritual business.
✅ Have a clear vision for your future, and feel confident in your ability to achieve your goals.
✅ Enjoy work that is both fulfilling and rewarding, knowing that you’re making a positive difference in the lives of others.
✅ Build a loyal customer following who appreciate the value you bring to their lives.
✅ Earn the income you deserve for your hard work and dedication.
✅ Stay connected to your purpose and spiritual practice, allowing you to experience a deep sense of joy and fulfillment in your work.

Your bright and fulfilling future awaits…


The only 6-month accelerator of its kind that combines both spiritual and practical guidance to help you unleash your potential and  build a thriving business. 

Unlike other spiritual memberships that just throw a bunch of guided meditations at you, the SAU Soul Mission Accelerator is part of an actual 4-phase / 3-year comprehensive curriculum link ffor you to follow that advances your growth and development in phases. There are certain foundational benchmarks we’ve found that if you are unable to maintain, then you really shouldn’t be focusing on anything else. 

The Soul Mission Accelerator is where we will work together to get you through Phases 3 & 4. It includes: 

4 Months of Business Training: Each month for the first three months, as a Soul Mission Accelerator Student, you will get access to courses on various business topics that you will need to execute on. These courses will expand on SAU teachings as well as transition you into expanding your soul aligned business to create wealth. 

  • Business Strategy & Human Design
  • Funding 2.0
  • Branding 2.0
  • Marketing 2.0
  • Lunar Launching
  • Recurring Revenue

2 Months of Business Execution: 
During the last two months of the Soul Mission Accelerator program, we’ll take your business to the next level with our monthly execution plans. Each month, you’ll receive the guidance and support you need to put your knowledge into action and execute on the business topics covered in the first four months.

Live Q&As 
The wisest ones amongst us are always asking questions. The best teacher is the best student! After each class, there will be a live Q&A session in which you can ask questions about the accelerator and the business moves you are making in real time!

Now let’s talk bonuses…

🎁 Bonus 1: 100K Incubator Curriculum (50+ Videos on How to Get Funding and Scaling to Your First $100K in Annual Sales)

Access the renowned 100K Incubator curriculum by funding expert, Arielle Loren. Learn how to get funding (even if your business is starting from zero), use the capital to build out a custom sales and marketing plan, and create a financially strong business with consistent sales over $100K per year. You get immediate access to the 100K Incubator curriculum as soon as you enroll in the Soul Mission Accelerator. This will be your pre-work before we begin our 6-month Soul Mission Accelerator.

🎁 Bonus #2: “Offer Oasis: Crafting Streams of Success”

You’re abundantly clear on your soul mission, and your talents are many and varied. But how can you package these things in a way that makes it a no brainer to buy to your audience? In the upcoming Offer Oasis workshop, Indira Michelle will guide you on the journey of creating high-converting, irresistible offers.

🎁 Bonus #3 Soul Mission Collective

 Unlock a  private realm of access with The Soul Mission Collective where you will enjoy monthly channeled messages, exclusive Live Q&As with Professor Melanie, as well a carefully curated series of transformative workshop recordings. All at no extra cost to you. Plus, enjoy special discounts on Ascensions by Zoe and access our digital “campus” seamlessly through the SAU App.

Total Value = $21,500


When does it start? 
The program has already begun, so join asap to get the orientation recording and catch up! We are accepting new students until October 23, 2023.


What’s your refund policy?
Due to the nature of the program, there are no refunds at this time. However, Professor Melanie stands behind her work and if assignments are turned in and you have not received improvements in your life equal or greater than what you’ve invested, she will continue to work with you until you do.


What if I can’t attend the calls live? Will I still be able to get my questions answered?
Absolutely! Replays of all calls will be in the course portal within 24-48 hrs after the call.


If you have any additional questions that are not answered here please email us at


Professor Melanie, The Spirit Doula

Arielle Loren
Indira Michelle
Janiece Jenkins

Latisha Malone, Peer Counselor

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