The only one-year membership of its kind


As of March 2022, the global wellness industry which includes spiritual self care has grown to 4 TRILLION. Here’s what this means for us…

We are living in an era with an abundance of information, while simultaneously experiencing a shortage of wisdom. 

If you’ve been trying your best to filter all of it in a way that actually gets you results, then you already know it is no small task. Deep down inside you already know that the hustle and grind lifestyle is simply not for you. You know you are not here to just work, pay bills, go to sleep, wake up and do it again.

You already know that is not living, it is simply existing.

That’s not news..

I don’t need to convince you of something that is probably painfully obvious to you by now.


The only one-year membership of its kind for those who are ready to embrace their soul mission both practically AND spiritually.

Unlike other spiritual memberships that just throw a bunch of guided meditations at you, the SAU Inner Circle is part of an actual 4-phase / 3-year comprehensive curriculum for you to follow that advances your growth and development in phases. There are certain foundational benchmarks we’ve found that if you are unable to maintain, then you really shouldn’t be focusing on anything else.

The Spiritual Ascension University Inner Circle is where we will work together to get you through Phases 1 & 2.  It includes:

Monthly Courses 
Each month, as a SAU Inner Circle Member, you will get access to courses on various spiritual topics.  These courses will give you all the inner work training and tools you need at your fingertips around the clock.

This includes courses on:

  • Meditation
  • Astrology/Natal Charts
  • Numerology
  • Number Synchronicities
  • Dream Decoding
  • Shadow Work
  • Chakras

Monthly Live Q&A
The wisest ones amongst us are always asking questions. The best teacher is the best student! As a member of the Inner Circle, you will be learning many new topics and you will have questions!

Private Group Chat
You know how you feel like you are the only one experiencing spiritual ascension challenges? Well, you are not alone! The SAU Inner Circle Private Group Chat allows you to meet up with other students

SAU Weekend Retreats
Join us twice per year for 2-day weekend mastermind events in Hollywood Beach, FL as we give you powerful, practical strategies to connect into sacred wellness & wealth. (Personal travel and accommodation expense not included)

🎁  Bonus #1 Monthly Astrological Guide 
Each month you will receive a digital guide that informs you of the best herbs and crystals to use for that zodiac season. You will also be told the dates of major astrological occurrences in the month and how to prepare for them. As well as guidance pertaining to that month’s zodiac sign and its energy.

  • Aries – I Am
  • Taurus – I Have
  • Gemini – I Think
  • Cancer – I Feel
  • Leo – I Create
  • Virgo – I Analyze
  • Libra – I  Balance
  • Scorpio – I Desire
  • Sagittarius – I Expand
  • Capricorn – I Benefit
  • Aquarius – I Know
  • Pisces- I Believe

🎁  Bonus #2  Pendulum Course
Divine Intelligence has a spark inside of all of us and longs to draw closer to us. In this bonus masterclass you will learn…


  • What Is A Pendulum?
  • Identifying a Real vs. Fake Pendulum
  • How Do Pendulums Work
  • Using Pendulums For Physical Healing
  • Using Pendulums For Clarity
  • How To Clean Your Pendulum
  • How To Connect With Your Pendulum
  • When to Use Your Pendulum
  • How To Use Your Pendulum For Yes/No Answers
  • Using Your Pendulum For Specific Answers
  • Why You May be Having Difficulties With Your Pendulum

🎁  Bonus #3 Protect Your Peace Box
Your home should always be a place of peace and this box contains everything you need to ensure that it remains that way. The box includes:


  • Large Cedar smudge -clears low vibrational energy in the home and prevent low energy from entering.
  • Palo Santo package (10 sticks) maintains a high vibration in the home.
  • Abalone shell- to store used smudges
  • Selenite spiral wand- to place underneath bed or pillow for alignment and protection during sleep.
  • Black Obsidian 4 pieces to place over doorways and windowsills absorbs low vibrational energy and prevents it from entering the home.
  • Shungite (for wifi boxes)- reduce the amount of EMF radiation in the home.

🎁 Bonus #4 Soul Mission Collective

 Unlock a  private realm of access with The Soul Mission Collective where you will enjoy monthly channeled messages, exclusive Live Q&As with Professor Melanie, as well a carefully curated series of transformative workshop recordings. All at no extra cost to you. Plus, enjoy special discounts on Ascensions by Zoe and access our digital “campus” seamlessly through the SAU App.

🎁  Paid In Full Bonus
Exclusive Private Quarterly Group Calls with Professor Melanie to coincide with annual Earth, Air, Water, and Fire seasonal beginnings in order to prepare for that upcoming season.


When does it start? 
We officially begin classes on September 13, 2023.

What’s your refund policy?
Due to the nature of the program, there are no refunds at this time. However, Professor Melanie stands behind her work and if assignments are turned in and you have not received improvements in your life equal or greater than what you’ve invested, she will continue to work with you until you do. 

What if I can’t attend the calls live? Will I still be able to get my questions answered?
Absolutely! Replays of all calls will be in the course portal within 24-48 hrs after the call. 

If you have any additional questions that are not answered here please email us at


Professor Melanie, The Spirit Doula

Kyree the Hood Mystic
Queeny Psychic Numerologist
Adrienne Jones, M.Ed
Latisha Malone, Administrator & Teaching Assistant

🎓 Join the waitlist for SAU's Inner Circle. Enrollment reopens in 2024.