In recent years, the global wellness industry which includes spiritual self care has grown to over 4 TRILLION. Here’s what this means for us…


We are living in an era with an abundance of information, while simultaneously experiencing a shortage of wisdom. 


If you’ve been trying your best to filter all of it in a way that actually gets you results, then you already know it is no small task. Deep down inside you already know that the hustle and grind lifestyle is simply not for you. You know you are not here to just work, pay bills, go to sleep, wake up and do it again.

You already know that is not living, it is simply existing.

That’s not news..

I don’t need to convince you of something that is probably painfully obvious to you by now.


Dive into the Spiritual Ascension University (SAU) Inner Circle On Demand – a one-of-a-kind digital experience meticulously crafted for those ready to align their everyday lives with their soul’s mission at their own pace. 

Embrace Your Spiritual Journey, Your Way

The path to spiritual ascension is uniquely yours, and now, you have the flexibility to choose how you experience it. 

Opt for the entirely self-paced Inner Circle On Demand for access to a wealth of spiritual resources at your convenience, or elevate your experience by incorporating the Soul Mission Collective’s live workshops and intensives for interactive, guided growth. 


Each choice represents a significant step towards aligning your daily life with your soul’s deepest truths, offering either complete autonomy or the added richness of live community support and direct mentorship.





Inner Circle On Demand 

This is an entirely self paced option which will be your spiritual toolkit accessible around the clock. 


Inner Work Courses:

  • Meditation (valued at $497)
  • Astrology/Natal Charts (valued at $997)
  • Numerology (valued at $497)
  • Dream Decoding (valued at $497)
  • Shadow Work (valued at $497)
  • Chakras ​(valued at $497)
  • Bonus: Pendulum Course (valued at $997) 

TOTAL VALUE: $4500.00

Special Offer: Enroll in the Inner Circle On Demand  for an  investment of $998.


Inner Circle Collective 

With this option you receive everything included in Inner Circle On Demand with the additional live workshops and intensives of the Soul Mission Collective. 


Inner Work Courses:


Astrology/Natal Charts 


Dream Decoding 

Shadow Work 


Bonus: Pendulum Course 


Soul Mission Collective: 

  • 12 Monthly Workshops: 
  • 3 Master Your Money Workshops (valued at $111) 
  • 3 Master Your Mind Workshops (valued at $111) 
  • 3 Master Your Soul Mission Workshops (valued at $111) 
  • 3 Master Your Manifestation Workshops (valued at $111) 
  • Master Your Soul Mission Intensive (valued at $1997) 
  • Master Your Mind Intensive (valued at $1997) 
  • Master Your Money Intensive (valued at $1997) 
  • Master Your Manifestation Intensive (valued at $1997) 
  • Bonus Past Workshops (valued at $333)
  • Weekly Live Q&A (valued at $5997)

TOTAL VALUE: $19,277 

Special Offer: Enroll in the Inner Circle Collective for an initial investment of $998, with subsequent access to the Soul Mission Collective at $97/month.


When does it start?

Your journey begins immediately upon enrollment. You will receive instant access to all Inner Circle On Demand content. Additionally, any Inner Circle Collective sessions that have already taken place live will be available to you, with future content being added monthly.


What’s your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the program, there are no refunds at this time. However, Professor Melanie stands behind her work  and if you feel after implementation that you have not received improvements in your life equal or greater than what you’ve invested please email support at 


What if I can’t attend the calls live? Will I still be able to get my questions answered?

That depends on the path you chose. For members of the Inner Circle On Demand, there is no live support included with your program. However, you have the option to upgrade to the Soul Mission Collective if you’re seeking live support. 


On the other hand, if you are part of the Inner Circle Collective, you will have multiple opportunities for live support, including weekly live Q&A sessions in the app and live support at the end of Soul Mission Collective workshops and intensives. This ensures you have various chances to get your questions answered directly.


Replays for any live sessions you can’t attend will be made available in the SAU app within 24-48 hrs after the session, ensuring you never miss out on valuable insights.


What if I have a question that has not been answered? 

For any additional questions not addressed here, please don’t hesitate to email us at


Professor Melanie, The Spirit Doula

Kyree the Hood Mystic
Queeny Psychic Numerologist
Adrienne Jones, M.Ed

Latisha Malone, Peer Counselor