Transform your life
through the art of healing.


In a world overflowing with conflicting spiritual advice, a unique call is echoing for the few: the call is to not just live, but to awaken. 


As we navigate through life, the pursuit of deep, meaningful spiritual growth has become more than a trend – it’s a necessity for those who sense there’s more to their existence.


If you’ve felt that mere conventional paths do not align with your deeper intuition, if you’ve sensed a unique spark within waiting to be ignited, you’re not alone. 


This isn’t about following the masses; it’s about recognizing that you are different. You know that your purpose transcends the routine of daily life, that there is a richer, more profound destiny awaiting your discovery.


You understand that true living is not confined to the boundaries of the ordinary. 

It is about embracing the extraordinary within you.


This realization isn’t just an insight.


It’s a profound acknowledgment of your unique place in the universe – a place where not everyone can tread.


At SAU we’re not here to persuade you that your wounds were just a part of life that you can just ignore. We are here to remind you that your pain can be transmuted into power. The question is…




Healing is defined as the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.  It’s a process we all go through but how we choose to do it matters.  There are those who are serious about healing themselves deeply – so they can turn around and help others do the same.


That is who we are here to support. 


This journey is for those who are ready to embrace both the spiritual and practical aspects of healing, fully understanding that true healing is about creating a ripple effect – healing oneself and then extending that healing to the world.


An exclusive, transformative program designed for those ready to heal deeply and help others do the same. The Healer’s Circle” is an immersive program designed to guide you through different dimensions of healing. Each session is crafted to focus on a distinct aspect of your being – mind, body, and soul.


🌟 Meditation: Healing the Mind (April 13-14)

Our April session delves into Meditation, focusing on mental clarity and emotional balance. Here’s what we will explore:

  • What Is Meditation? – Understand the role of meditation in achieving mental peace and clarity.
  • How To Receive – Learn techniques to open your mind and receive spiritual wisdom.
  • The Spirit Team – Connect with spiritual guides to aid in mental healing and resilience.
  • Steps To Meditation – Practical methods to cultivate a healthy and balanced mind.

 Chakras: Healing the Body (July 6-7)

In July, we focus on the Chakras, which are vital to our physical and energetic well-being:

  • Foundations of Chakra Healing Part 1 – Introduction to how Chakra balancing affects physical health.
  • 7 Major Chakras – Exploring each Chakra’s role in physical and energetic health.
  • Healing with Sound, Affirmation & Elements – Techniques for aligning and healing the body’s energy centers.
  • Healing with Herbs – Using herbal wisdom to support physical wellness.

Shadow Work: Healing the Soul (October 5-6)

Our October session is dedicated to Shadow Work, focusing on deep soul healing:

  • Intro to Shadow Work – Understanding the soul’s shadows and their impact on overall well-being.
  • Deep Dive with Kyree – Techniques for exploring and healing the soul’s deeper aspects.
  • Chiron – The Wounded Healer – Finding strength and healing in the soul’s wounds.
  • Bringing it Together – Integrating soul healing into everyday life.

Live Virtual Q&A Sessions: Your Post-Intensive Gateway to Deeper Understanding

After each enriching in-person intensive of “The Healer’s Circle,” we invite you to join our exclusive Live Virtual Q&A Sessions. These sessions are designed to deepen your understanding, address your specific questions, and help you integrate the insights and skills you’ve acquired into your everyday life. 


Live Virtual Final Project Presentations: Showcasing Your Transformation

At SAU we want to ensure that you don’t just absorb information without applying it so as a feature of the completion for each segment in “The Healer’s Circle” – Meditation, Chakras, and Shadow Work – we are excited to offer Live Virtual Final Project Presentations. This is your opportunity to showcase the depth of your learning, the growth of your skills, and the personal transformations you’ve experienced.



As a valuable addition to your journey in “The Healer’s Circle,” we are pleased to offer complimentary access to “The Soul Mission Collective.” This exclusive bonus is your bridge to continuous spiritual development and community support between our main sessions.



The Soul Mission Collective serves as your spiritual gym, ensuring you stay engaged and progress steadily on your spiritual journey.


Key Features of The Soul Mission Collective:

  • Monthly Workshops: Dive into a variety of topics with 12 future workshops covering Money Mastery, Mind Enhancement, Soul Mission Discovery, and Manifestation Techniques.
  • Live Q&A Sessions: Participate in exclusive Q&A sessions with Professor Melanie for deeper insights and personalized guidance.
  • Community Support: Join a private group chat where you can connect, share, and grow with fellow members embracing their spiritual paths.
  • Quarterly Intensives: Gain in-depth knowledge with comprehensive courses that delve further into each workshop topic, offering advanced insights and practical applications in mindset, money,  manifestation, and mission. .
  • Additional Resources: Unlock a wealth of additional materials, including past workshops, special tutorials, and exclusive content like “Soul Mission 2.0,” “The Chiron Code,” and “The Abundance Blueprint.”


Meditation Course (April Session) (Valued at $1,998)

Chakras Course (July Session): (Valued at $1,998)

Shadow Work Course (October Session): (Valued at $1,998)

The Soul Mission Collective Access: (Valued at $1997) 

Private Group Chat: (Valued at $888)

Bonus Resources: (Valued at $888)


TOTAL VALUE: $10,000


Join today for just $1988 paid in full or pay in installments using Klarna/Afterpay


Q: Who is “The Healer’s Circle” program for?

A: This program is designed for individuals passionate about deepening their spiritual practice and eager to explore meditation, chakras, and shadow work. It’s ideal for those looking to heal themselves and assist others in their healing journey.


Q: What are the dates and locations for the in-person sessions?

A: The in-person sessions will be held in Hampton, VA, on the following dates: April 13-14-(Meditation), July 6-7 (Chakras), and October 5-6 (Shadow Work).


Q: Is there an application process for the program?

A: Yes, participants must complete an application to be considered for “The Healer’s Circle.” The application process ensures that all participants are aligned with the program’s goals and are committed to their spiritual journey.


Q: Can I still participate if I can’t attend all the in-person sessions?

A: Absolutely. While we recommend attending each session in person for the fullest experience, we understand that it may not always be feasible. For those unable to attend in person, we provide recordings of the sessions to ensure you can stay up-to-date with the program. Additionally, we offer Live Virtual Q&A Sessions after each intensive, where you can ask questions, clarify concepts, and engage with instructors and peers. 


Towards the end of each segment (Meditation, Chakras, Shadow Work), you will also have the opportunity to participate in Live Virtual Final Project Presentations, allowing you to showcase your understanding and application of the teachings, even if you’re not physically present at the in-person sessions. These virtual components ensure that you remain an integral part of the learning community and experience the full value of “The Healer’s Circle.”

Q: Is there an online component to the program?

A: Yes, “The Healer’s Circle” offers a robust online component to complement the in-person sessions. Participants will have full access to “The Soul Mission Collective,” which includes a variety of additional workshops, resources, and a supportive online community for continuous learning and connection. 


Additionally, after each in-person intensive, we host Live Virtual Q&A Sessions, providing an opportunity to discuss, clarify, and deepen your understanding of the material covered. Towards the end of each course segment, you’ll also engage in Live Virtual Final Project Presentations, allowing you to present your work and receive feedback from instructors and peers, even if you’re not physically present. 


These online elements ensure a comprehensive and integrated learning experience, keeping you connected and engaged throughout your spiritual journey with “The Healer’s Circle.”

Q: What should I expect from the program?

A: Participants can expect a transformative journey combining practical exercises, theoretical knowledge, and community interaction. The program focuses on deepening understanding and practical skills in meditation, chakras, and shadow work.


Q: How does this program differ from other spiritual courses?

A: “The Healer’s Circle” uniquely combines in-depth, in-person workshops with continuous online support, emphasizing the practical application of spiritual knowledge for personal and communal healing.


Q: Is “The Healer’s Circle” a prerequisite for any other programs?

A: Yes, “The Healer’s Circle” serves as a corequisite for our SEVEN Certification program. It provides foundational knowledge and experience that are crucial for those pursuing this advanced certification.


Q: What if I’m already a member of The Soul Mission Collective?

A: Existing members of The Soul Mission Collective are eligible for special pricing. Please contact us for details about this exclusive offer at


Q: What is the refund policy?

A: We do not offer refunds for “The Healer’s Circle” program. We advise applicants to consider their commitment carefully before applying.