Professor Melanie John, M.Ed, TSD
Founder, SAU


Kyree Anthony
Astrology/Shadow Work

Sister MyRah Moss
Holistic Spirituality/Astrology

Danielle Garrick, CKYT, RMT, LMT
Spirituality & The Body/Kemetic Yoga

Yvonne Secreto, B.S.N., RMT

William Martin
The Breath & Spirituality

Nikki Kether Morgan, CCS
Divine Sexology & Tantra Healing

Adriene Jones, M.Ed.
Chakra Healing

Makeda K.

Bro Hankh Rising Sun
Crystals, Magnets, Pyramids

Ajisafe Awoniyi
Babalawo (Ifa) / Orisa (Yoruba) / African Spirituality

Arielle Loren, ALM
Business Funding

Indira Michelle
Business Marketing

Candace Woodruff
Business Accounting

Jo-Na Wiiliams, Esq
Business Law

Janiece Jenkins, PMP
Business Branding

Latisha Malone,
Student Counselor

Gillian Thomas, CHHC, RMT
Teaching Assistant

L’Oréal Frye
Brand Ambassador / Soul Mission Coach

Lami Lawal

Lami Lawal
Customer Support

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