Professor Melanie John, M.Ed, TSD
Founder, SAU


Kyree Anthony
Astrology/Shadow Work

SiStar MyRah Moss
Holistic Spirituality/Astrology

Yvonne Secreto, B.S.N., RMT

William Martin
The Breath & Spirituality

Nikki Kether Morgan, CCS
Divine Sexology & Tantra Healing

Adriene Jones, M.Ed.
Chakra Healing

Makeda K.

Bro Hankh Rising Sun
Crystals, Magnets, Pyramids

Ajisafe Awoniyi
Babalawo (Ifa) / Orisa (Yoruba) / African Spirituality

Arielle Loren, ALM
Business Funding

Indira Michelle
Business Marketing

Jo-Na Wiiliams, Esq
Business Law

Latisha Malone,
Peer Counselor

Gillian Thomas, CHHC, RMT
Career Counselor

L’Oréal Frye
Brand Ambassador / Soul Mission Coach

Lami Lawal
Customer Support

Bro. Sincere Seven

Aissa Negus

Professor Melanie John, M.Ed, TSD

Professor Melanie is not just an academic powerhouse but also a living testament to the principles of abundance. As a mother of three wonderful girls and the entrepreneurial force behind, she has traveled extensively to explore ancient texts and traditions, founding two successful seven-figure companies, Spiritual Ascension University and Ascensions By Zoe. 


Her life resonates with the balance of purpose and prosperity. She has ardently pursued her passion for spirituality, sharing her insights with friends, family, and now, with an online community of over 50,000 members. With Bachelor’s degrees in Africana Studies & Spanish from Rutgers University, and a Master’s Degree in Education focusing on Linguistics, Professor Melanie brings a rich perspective on the confluence of spirituality, culture, and abundance. 


Her journey is underpinned by her deep immersion in ancient texts, the sciences, and her travels around the globe have further enriched her understanding of diverse cultures and traditions. Join her as she shares a blend of time-honored wisdom and practical tools to help you navigate your path to true abundance.


Queeny, a seasoned numerologist with deep roots in a lineage of mystics and ministers, seamlessly harnesses her potent clairvoyant abilities to initiate readings. By skillfully utilizing your name and birthdate, she crafts personalized numerological charts, deftly addressing specific queries and providing holistic destiny readings. Drawing from an early life immersed in the study of philosophy, astrology, psychic phenomena, and numerology, Queeny has cultivated a profound expertise in her field. Through the intricate lens of numerology, she skillfully illuminates the trajectory from your past to your present, guiding your future path with pinpoint accuracy.

Having made an impact across the globe by assisting diverse cultures, Queeny’s extensive 20+ years of experience instill unwavering trust, bolster confidence, and ignite empowerment in those fortunate enough to seek her guidance. Originating from Philadelphia, PA, Queeny’s journey saw her matriculate at Howard University at a mere 16 years old, delving into the realm of political science. Her passions then led her to Berkeley College, where she furthered her education in music. A transformative period subsequently beckoned her to California, where her life’s purpose and dormant spiritual gifts from childhood were rediscovered.

With dedication spanning over two decades, Queeny’s devotion to numerology has transformed from a mere curiosity into an enchanting obsession, unraveling fresh life insights daily. An early pioneer, she even navigated the realm of Psychic Networks, where she engaged with callers seeking guidance. Today, she stands as a globally recognized psychic and numerological reader, boasting over 10,000 readings conducted in just the past six years. Alongside her decade-long collaboration with an exclusive private clientele, Queeny’s wealth of experience culminates in her forthcoming book “SOULMATH 22,” an eagerly anticipated project poised for completion.

Kyree Anthony

Kyree Anthony is an accomplished author known for his works including “Chakra Nova,” “Astrology Explained,” and “How to Read Natal Charts Easily and Effectively,” offering valuable insights into spirituality and self-understanding.


Recognized for his expertise as a Psychic and Astrologer, Kyree Anthony enjoys a respected position within the spiritual community, praised for his insightful readings and deep understanding. He also owns and operates two spiritual businesses, The Columbian Exchange and White Rabbit Psychedelics.


Since 2016, Kyree Anthony has actively contributed to the spiritual community, with a focus on awakening and empowering melanated individuals to connect with their inner selves.

SiStar MyRah Moss

SiStar MyRah Moss is an inspired, self-taught Energy Master. She studies Spiritual Energy. She also refers to herself as “Holistic” because she believes that the key to the Universe is the “Balance of Opposites.” Anywhere where you can balance opposites is where you complete the spiritual spiral and open a Vortex, gaining access to the energies of the Universe. She considers this energy process a Formula of Creation! She began her interest in Astrological Energies by studying all of the Astrological Signs. This is how she was able to see this Holistic concept and everything else only expanded from there in a precept upon precept reality of learning. 


She began to break in exposure by starting her presentations in Atlanta Georgia. She was then offered the opportunity of being a regular guest on a well-known radio show. She has since done presentations all over the United States. The distribution of videos from those presentations opened her up to National and International audience and clientele. She has a full source of videos on the internet as SiStar MyRah as well. She loves serving the Spiritual Family, to assist in their recognition of each of the individual roles in contribution to a magnificent Royal Universal Purpose of Fulfilling Our Collective Spiritual Destiny in the Aquarius Age of the Evolution of Righteousness. 


Sistar MyRah resides in Omaha Nebraska. She is a world-renowned Master Astrology and Energy Teacher. Her work has helped transform the lives of many melanated people across the globe. She has received millions of views via Youtube and other internet sites for her astounding transformative and amazing work. Through her humility, devotion and dedication to the Cosmic Royal Family, she has succeeded in changing the world and upping the vibration on planet Earth.

Yvonne Secreto, B.S.N., RMT

Yvonne Secreto RN has a solid combination of Health Care education, business training, and life experience. She is a Nurse Entrepreneur, Author, and CEO/Founder of Health Awareness Educational Products and Services LLC, the creators of TheWellnessGalaxy.com™. 


TheWellnessGalaxy.com™ is a community of virtual and in-person holistic health professionals and wellness experts who offer training, intuitive coaching and customized wellness care plans to seekers of natural healing. Her passion is to train and create gainful employment for holistic practitioners.

Yvonne is the author of, Elevate Your Relationships, “A new and creative way to use Sexual Energy,” a 30-day relationship transformation book and course for individuals and couples.


She is a Health Care Administration graduate of CCNY at CUNY and has completed business development certification courses through the Hofstra University Entrepreneur Program and Columbia University’s Non-Profit Business Certification Program. Ms. Secreto has decades of experience as a clinical registered nurse to a diverse patient population, with expertise in holistic medicine, psychiatry, home-care, trauma care, and hospice. She is a member of the Holistic Nurses Association and The International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

William N. Martin, Jr., PhD

William Martin was born in Washington DC in 1970. He was born with asthma, folding origami since the age of eight, began him on his journey of focus and stilling the mind. His studies into Taoist meditation practices began as a teenager, as taught from Master Mantak Chia’s books and others, which lead him to studies in breathing meditations with the Ausar Auset Society in DC. Raised Christian, he was in a household where exploration of other religions and spiritual systems was allowed, so he learned about: the Akan and Yuroba traditions; studied the Ausar Auset society teachings; Islam; Taoism and Buddhism. He joined the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) while he was in Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School. There he joined the rifle team and learned marksmanship from Lt. Col. Jack Gray, a Korean War Veteran. This was one of the more challenging breathing disciplines he encountered. He had to learn to steady, elongate and hold his breathing at will. After graduating, William gained admission to the United States Naval Academy in 1988 but left due to having asthma after the age of 12 which prevented him from flying. He then attended The George Washington University (GWU) where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, concentrating in Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics. At GWU, in 1991, he started training in Shotokan Karate with Sensei Mahmoud Tabassi. In Shotokan, there was significant coordination of strength, movement and breathing. After graduating from GWU in 1993 he remained in the DC area and started training in Capoeira under the tutelage of Pete “Charuto” Jackson who at the time was a student of Mestre Amen Santo. Pete was teaching Capoeira Regional, the more contemporary form of the art, and Amen had him to start training with Mestre Nego Gato (Jose Sena) who lived in New York. Under Mestre Nego Gato, Pete’s classes transitioned to the more traditional teachings called Capoeira Angola. In this style, William was forced to work even more through his asthma as the game involved constant movement and sometimes ‘playing’ multiple capoeiristas back to back. Eventually, he was given permission by Mestre Nego Gato to instruct Capoeira. 


He moved to Greensboro, NC in 1996 to attend graduate school at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NC A&T) and began teaching Capoeira in a small gymnasium beside Sensei Dr. Gilbert Casterlow (Goju Ryu Karate) and then Shihan Jamie Ellerbe (Aiki-Jujutsu). While teaching Capoeira in Greensboro he was able to learn more breathing and concentration techniques from Shihan Ellerbe through the art of Iaido (drawing the sword, cutting, and sheathing in continuous motion). Also, while in Greensboro, William had the good fortune of meeting Grand Master Sunyata Saraswati. For nearly four years he studied with Sunyata while teaching Capoeira and completing his Doctoral degree. Sunyata taught him further meditation techniques which included initiation into Kriya Yoga, and transmission of the Cobra Breath Meditation.  Sunyata taught martial arts as well in order to combine the Yin and Yang of meditation and movement. Under Sunyata, William studied Anatomy of the brain and body, Tantra, five animal Shaolin Kung Fu, Tibetan White Crane Chi Kung, Tibetan White Crane Tai Chi, and other martial arts. While in NC, he also dove deeper into Islamic studies and learned to do basic reading and writing in Arabic.


At the completion of his studies at NC A&T, he earned a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering specializing in Vibrations, and a Doctorate degree as a Ronald E. McNair NASA Fellow in Mechanical Engineering using Vibrations and Artificial Neural Networks to detect structural damage. He had two summer internships at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico while in the doctoral program, working with the Experimental Structural Dynamics Department on wind energy structural vibrations. He left North Carolina to begin work in Rhode Island in 2001. After settling for a few years, he met Sensei Jay Carvalho (student of Damon Apodaca Sensei) and begin studying the art of Aikido. While learning this art, there were members of the dojo who had also studied Iaido. The style studied was Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido with instructions from Paul White, student of Masayuki Shimabukuro Hanshi. William maintains his martial arts and meditation practices as well as academics. In 2017 he earned a Master’s degree in Engineering Acoustics from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, using underwater lasers to determine sounds by way of measuring changes in the refractive index. His work also consists of experimentation with bioinspired sensors and mechanisms. He is currently pursuing another Master’s degree in Biomimicry and the concurrent Biomimicry Professional Certification. He has been the author or contributing author in book chapters, journal articles, conference proceedings and other peer-reviewed documents dealing with varied disciplines within mechanical engineering, and he has written his own book on breathing and the body.


The combination of Kriya Yoga, Cobra Breath, Martial Arts and Mediation techniques with the guidance and teachings of GM Saraswati has allowed William to become grounded enough to experience the Taoist Micro Cosmic Orbit (the Small Heavenly Channel) and the Large Heavenly Channel, and to sense, gather and disperse chi or energy within: the Governor and Functional channels and the Thrusting channel; the major Seven Chakras; and the Ida and Pingala channels. He has taught his Capoeira students various combinations of movement and breathing techniques, and also individually introduced asthmatics to techniques to help them breathe better. He has counseled individuals in breathing mechanics and energy movement through the body. He has led guided meditations for the Chakra Nova course series provided by Kyree Anthony. The Chakra Nova course led students through a study of each of the seven major chakras physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, with at least one month between classes to ensure proper meditation and assist in clearing any energy obstructions. Each chakra class culminated in a guided meditation where a combination of breathing techniques, muscle movements, visualizations and sensation of energy were used to show students how to safely create space for increased spinal nerve energy flowing upward, or kundalini, which is also a part of Kriya Yoga. With his knowledge of anatomy and applied physics, he explains esoteric concepts with understandable, physical correspondences.  He enjoys tutoring in math and physics and encourages study in the fields of mathematics and all sciences, as well as metaphysics and Spirituality. He presently resides in Rhode Island with his wife and daughter. He is on social media as Prime Harmonic on YouTube and Instagram.

Adriene Jones, M.Ed.

Adrienne Jones is a former educator turned herbalist and chakra healer. As a lifelong learner, Adrienne obtained a Bachelor of Science in General Studies with a concentration in Psychology, Family and Consumer Science, and Criminal Justice. She went on to obtain a Master of Education in Educational Administration, and later a Master of Education in School Counseling. She spent many years in the roles of teacher and counselor, but in 2020 made the decision to walk away from education to pursue a career more aligned with her spiritual path.


Adrienne is a mother to five beautiful children, but there was a time in 2016 when she could barely function in that role. She was suddenly diagnosed with a viral case of pericarditis (heart disease), Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and pre-diabetes all at once. After being placed on bed rest for two months and going from doctor to doctor with no resolve, she began to research natural healing modalities. Herbs became an integral part of her healing process as she began to experiment with different herbal tea mixtures. She’s been healing ever since, the natural way! After seeing and feeling such great results, it became her duty to share her healing journey with others who may be experiencing the same issues. In 2018 she opened an online tea shop, Bea’s Wellness Teas, that specializes in tea blends and other natural healing remedies. It didn’t stop there. Unbeknownst to Adrienne, that was just the beginning.


In 2019, Adrienne had a major spiritual awakening and experienced many things that she didn’t understand. Her spirit team led her to Professor Melanie, and through the teachings of Professor Melanie’s inaugural SDA group, Adrienne was able to truly figure out her purpose and soul mission. She was able to understand that all of her life experiences were meant to move her in the direction of her purpose. She learned that her purpose was to teach others how to find spiritual and physical harmony through balancing the chakras. She has experienced (and continues to experience) the absolute most on this journey, but that is how she learns. She then shares what she learns with others to empower them to heal themselves as well. In 2022, she became known as The Chakra Doc, and has built an online platform that includes chakra consultations, oracle and intuitive readings, and also spiritual tools for chakra balancing. For Adrienne, this journey has been one of many ups and downs, but each experience has promoted spiritual growth and reward. Adrienne is so excited and honored to be a part of Spiritual Ascension University to share her experiences and knowledge with fellow spiritual scholars.

Bro Hankh Rising Sun

Bro. Hankh Rising Sun, “UNCLE HANK”  is a product developer and grass roots researcher creating orgone devices, crystal activation, and developer of orgone magnetic amulets for personal health and strength.


Bro. H-Ankh is the host of YouTube channel- Magnets, Crystals, and Pyramids. He facilitates workshops on magnet therapy, orgone devices, and various healing modalities. 


Bro. H-Ankh is an explorer of entheogens, he has shared with individuals and small groups herbal meditations, from tobacco, divine sage, mushrooms, Bufo, hape, South American and Ancient Egyptian ayahuasca. 


His favorite meditation location in the city is quiet nights at the beach, new and full moon circles.


He is a Licensed massage therapist, Reiki master, advanced Pranic healing Practioner, Magnet Therapist, Crystal Therapist, student of chi Kung, Tantra- 2nd tier through Master Yao Morris, and Facilitator of Mens healing group, S.O.U.L. Sun’s Of Universal Love.

Ajisafe Awoniyi

Ajíṣafé Awoníyì (Steven Jones) has been a practicing Babalawo (Ifá priest) for over 20 years. The former D1 basketball player and graduate of the University of Georgia (go DAWGS) was a leader and member of the Ilé Orí Temple in Atlanta, Georgia. 


In 2022, he founded the Ifá 360 mobile app and the Ogbe Wẹyìn International Ifá Temple based in Miami, Florida. 


When he’s not teaching and providing private consultations on the mat, you’ll find him running his educational consulting firm and training school Principals across the southeastern United States and Caribbean. 

Ajisafe Awoniyi is the proud godson of Fákayò̩dé Fáníyì, The Agbọngbọn (Chief Title) of the Idin Ileke Ifá Temple in Oṣogbo, Nigeria.

Arielle Loren, ALM

Arielle Loren is a renowned business strategist, funding expert, and the founder of Arielle Loren Agency. The Harvard graduate is skilled as a Chief Operating Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, and Chief Financial Officer, supporting 7-9 figure business owners in capitalizing and scaling their businesses. You can find her clients, companies, and work featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Cheddar TV at the New York Stock Exchange, BET, Essence, Create & Cultivate, Girlboss, HelloAlice, and many more publications. 


From 2018-2021, Arielle ran 100K Incubator, as the first business funding app for women, helping women secure over $10M in funding. Due to the success of the program, universities, corporate accelerators, and local government accelerators, began requesting white labeled versions of the curriculum. She began selling her intellectual property and pivoted to a B2B model, which still sells to this day.


With 15+ years of growing Internet and retail startups, Arielle is also academically trained by the top universities in the world. Arielle holds a master’s degree in Management and graduate certificate in Strategic Management from Harvard University, a graduate certificate in International Business Management from Georgetown University and a bachelor’s degree in Social and Cultural Analysis and a certificate in Producing from New York University.

Indira Michelle

Indira is a Facebook & Youtube Ads Manager, Senior Copywriter and Digital Marketing Strategist. As a Digital Marketing Manager she uses her expertise to design offers and launch campaigns for small businesses in both online service and e-commerce. She is known for her high converting ad campaigns and down to earth teaching style. As the Head of Marketing and Sales for SAU Inc. she has been using these skills to support the vision and expansion of this company for the last 3 years. 


She has made small business clients over 5M in revenue within the last 4 years, she’ve been given an ad spend of 86K and generated $350K back in 2 weeks and given an ad spend of 35k and generated 428K in 10 months.  Given an ad spend of 12K and made over 200K in one year. Typically her efforts contribute to about 50%-80% of her clients total revenue each month.


She is also a Human Design expert as it relates to marketing as well as a Certified Master Persuader and a graduate of Seminole State College.

Jo-Na Wiiliams, Esq

Jo-Ná A. Williams, Esq. is an award-winning attorney, founder, advisor, and Instructor who founded J.A. Williams Law P.C. in 2011 to provide artists, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders with ways to successfully navigate their careers, secure their companies, and provide assistance with business and intellectual property matters.


She believes owning your own business is a path to freedom, security, and authentic creative expression. Some of her clients have written New York Times best-selling books, been nominated for Grammys, listed in the Billboard Top 100, Amazon and iTunes Top Album Charts and received local and International acclaim. She’s been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Black Enterprise, Marie TV, and The Root. She has spoken at Facebook, LinkedIn, NYU, and Rent The Runway, amongst others. She was recently named one of the Top 40 Lawyers under 40 in the country by the National Black Lawyers and Intellectual Property & Business Attorney of the year by Acquisition International in 2019. She’s an instructor for LinkedIn Learning and Learn@Forbes. 


She’s also a certified yoga Instructor. She’s licensed to practice law in New York.

Latisha Malone

Latisha Malone is a teacher / oracle. As a passionate advocate for personal and spiritual growth, she has found one of her calling as a Peer Counselor at Spiritual Ascension University (SAU). In her role at SAU, she serves as a guiding light for individuals embarking on their transformative spiritual journey. 


As a Peer Counselor, she plays a vital role in the lives of our students, offering unwavering support and encouragement throughout their unique paths. Her approach as a Peer Counselor is rooted in empathy, active listening, and a deep understanding of the human and spirit. She’s committed to creating a space where individuals feel heard, understood, and empowered to explore their spiritual potential.

Gillian Thomas, CHHC, RMT

Gillian Thomas is an Author, Certified holistic Health Coach, Certified Energy Healer (Reiki Master and Auset Healer, Level One), Spiritual Counselor, Dr. Amen Certified Brain Health Trainer, Attorney.


All of Gillian’s qualifications, training, experiences and skills are in perfect alignment with her soul’s mission. She graduated from Fordham University School of Law. During her 15+ years in the legal field, Gillian experienced first-hand the systems that throw us off-balance, force us to seek guidance outside of ourselves, and place us in survival mode. Her interest in spirituality and holistic healing as pathways for acing her Earth assignment, healing herself from the physical effects of stress and overwhelm, and helping others do the same, led Gillian to attend

the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Spiritual Ascension University, and Amen University, and trained as an Energy Healer through The Wellness Galaxy and Crystalline Alchemy Reiki. She has taken many courses and read a ton of books, an ongoing practice.


Gillian had no idea that her experiences in the legal field were preparing her to publish her first book, Thriving Through Chaos – A Manual: Be On Your Spiritual Grind So That You Bounce Back Quickly From Life’s Curve Balls (and Pandemics Too). This Manual reminds us how to build resilience and thrive by taking responsibility for our lives and tapping into our inner guidance.


It turns out that her journey has been preparing Gillian to begin the process of fulfilling her soul’s mission of helping others like her to heal from their traumas so that they can release survival mode and thrive.


Gillian was born in Guyana, South America. Some of her favorite pastimes are listening to music, reading, traveling, and having fun.

L'oreal Frye

L’Oréal Frye is the Brand Ambassador and Soul Mission Coach for Spiritual Ascension University. She assists others in gaining clarity on what it is that they came here to do in this lifetime. Helping people find their true north on their soul’s journey, using astrology and numerology of one’s birth chart, is her goal. She enjoys assisting people in finding their soul mission and how they can implement it in their daily lives. 


Loreal is a crystal healer, tarot reader, and spiritual coach, with over 10 years of experience in the metaphysical field. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and wisdom with others and empowering them to live their true purpose.


Loreal believes that everyone deserves to experience true love, joy, and peace in their lives, and that healing is possible for anyone who is willing to embrace their own power. Loreal is also a proud mother of one daughter, and a lover of nature, art, and music.


Her accomplishments include:

  • Brand Ambassador/ Soul Mission Coach, Spiritual Ascension University 2023
  • Graduate of Inner Circle 1 2022
  • Bachelor of Science in Public Health Studies, Walden University 2011
  • American National University Associates of Science Medical Laboratory Technology 2005
  • Santa Clara University Business Academy 2021

L’Oreal’s impressive educational and professional background includes degrees in health sciences from Spiritual Ascension University, Walden University, and American National University. She is a certified life and wellness coach, an Allied health instructor, and has participated in several holistic wellness programs. L’Oreal is the owner and CEO of True Love Metaphysical and Wellness and has authored a book on personal development. She was nominated as professional of the year by Strathmores Whos Who in 2019.

Lami Lawal

Lami is an Operations Strategist and Business Support Specialist. She serves service-based entrepreneurs by helping them show up in their business with ease. She streamlines and optimizes their business operations, providing all the administrative and operations support they need to execute and achieve their goals.


She supports | She strategizes | She provides structure.


Growing up, Lami loved organizing spaces, ensuring things go smoothly, preparing and arranging. For her, it just had to look good and feel good, it was way beyond a clean physical environment, she also need a clean mental space as well.


Starting out her career, she knew she wanted to work at the back end of how it happens, helping entrepreneurs feel good about their business and so she brought in her obsession with organization into her career. 


She has successfully worked on a long-term basis with over 15 6-7 figures entrepreneurs across different industries over the last 4 years.

Bro. Sincere Seven

Sincere Seven is the Head of The Psychonaut Academy of Detroit. Also known as “The Detroit Medicine Man”, A witch-doctor, A “Shaman”, “The Hood Doctor” and many other titles within the community. 


He is a Transdimensional Travel Agent & Spiritual Tour Guide, an 18-year Horticulturist, specializing in T.L.O. grown styles as well as teaching cannabis growing to students for the last 10 years.

A 12-year mycologist, Entheogenic Couincoler, Gate-Keeper & Trip-sitter (there is a difference), and Head Mycology Teacher at The Psychonaut Academy of Detroit. Over the years assisting numerous people in their spiritual, mental, and even physical growth & development, healing from traumas, PTSD, and even addictions and alcoholism. 


Offering people within the society with information gathered in A.S.C. a “Channeled” through personally or publicly through LIVE videos on social media to assist with their relationships, unknown and underlying issues, upcoming issues and losses, upcoming blessings and advice from a “Shamanistic Realm”. Magic Practitioner & Teacher at The P.A.D. of Introduction to Magic, The Mystical Arts, & Sorcery. 


An 8-year Professional Vintner and Herbal Healing Meads maker and Owner and Operator of Sincere Mirage infused* Wines & Meads. Responsible for THE FIRST THC infused* wine released for sale in the U.S. with the alcohol still in it! An Alchemist in the laboratory creating and providing the village with Meads (fermented Honey Beverage similar to wine) fermented with healing herbs assisting people in their alternative medicine journeys to find healing. 


As well as Head of The Psychonaut Academy of Detroit, A place of education about Adaptogens, Oneriogens, and Entheogens, as well as Sacred herbs, plants, fungi, mineral, and animal medicines. Not only a place of education but The P.A.D. is a Village based safe space for the community. A place to come for assistance in healing your mind through counseling and guidance, your body through diet, exercise, yoga, and plant and animal medicines, and your soul with Sacred Plant Medicines such as Mushrooms, Ayahuasca, Rape’/hape’,Cacao, Sacred Tabacco, 5Meo-DMT, DMT, Changa, Yopo and more. 


He assists people with their interdimensional Travels through a choice of mediums. Also proudly serving as a battle buddy in the combat of way of/life-threatening illnesses and diseases of the spiritual/physical body by providing alternative medicines such as Kambo frog medicine for cleansing and releasing, resetting the immune system, digestive system, and internal discipline system, and Snake Venom Medicines to be included in your healing regimen for illness such as heart issues, cholesterols, cancers, tumors, skin diseases, STDs and more!

Aissa Negus


Aissa Negus is a versatile freelance writer, stylist, content creator, and Kemetic Yoga Instructor originally from Oakland, CA. With a passion for journalism and spiritual wellness, she brings a unique perspective to her work. Aissa’s journey as a writer began early, publishing her first novel at the age of 12, and she continues to produce compelling written works. Rooted in a mystical family background, African spirituality and wellness have always shaped Aissa’s life and creative endeavors. She received her hand of IFA at age 13 and has been immersed in Issese practice ever since. In 2022, Aissa founded GOOBER Zine, a fanzine that celebrates fashion and internet culture within a black, global, Gen Z context. The zine showcases her commitment to amplifying diverse voices and cultural expressions. Aissa’s path to Kemetic Yoga started in 2020, leading her to Egypt in 2023 where she earned certification in Kemetic Yoga under the guidance of renowned teacher and scholar Dr. Yirsir Ra Hotep, affiliated with Yoga Alliance. Since then, Aissa has embraced Kemetic Yoga’s philosophy and now teaches classes, sharing its transformative principles with others. She also does creative direction and social media management/content development for a spiritual lifestyle brand. Currently based in Mexico City, Aissa continues to explore and integrate her spiritual roots into her lifestyle and professional pursuits, bringing a refreshing perspective to the wellness and creative industries.